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ALL HANDS ON DECK is a couch co-op party game that takes the chaotic and silly nature of Mario Party and the fast management decision making from Diner Dash. During your time in the sky, the selfmade zeppelin starts falling apart and it is up to you and your friends to work as a team in order to keep in the air.

The core loop of the game is the players going through a series of events that will damage their zeppelin and influence their movement. The players need to work and communicate together in order to deliver the packages in time and stay in the air. 

Events require teamwork and cooperation to solve, for example: the engine in the ship will breakdown, all players are going to get the right supplies and then together they need to repair the engine. They need to communicate who pickups what and when, because this might not be the only problem the crew is facing.

The game is played by 1-4 players with Xbox controllers.


Amber van Oosterhout (Art)
Bo Vogelzang (Art)
Cosmin-Liviu Rotaru (Design)
David ten Kate (Programming)
Izabela Dzhundrina (Art)
Louelle van Rens (Art)
Max Kruf (Programming)
Rick Heeren (Design)
Sam Martin (Design)
"Achiadh Cheide" by Kevin MacLeod
"Nancy the Tavern Wench" by Alestorm

Install instructions


Extra game info:

Enable STAND mode, this will remove the quit button from the main menu screen.Ctrl + /
Quit the game in STAND mode. Alt + F4

The game is made to be played with Xbox controllers, but Keyboard input is also an option. Xbox controller controls can be found in game.

Keyboard movement. WSAD
Keyboard item interaction.F AND/OR Arrow Keys
Keyboard event interaction. E
Keyboard ship interaction.Q
Keyboard jump.Space
Keyboard pause.P
Keyboard menu interaction.Arrow Keys


[ALL HANDS ON DECK!] - [Game].zip 214 MB

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